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Amazing Arunachal - An effort to expose the elegance of Mother Nature

Amazing Arunachal.com is a small effort to expose the elegance the Mother Nature has bestowed in this isolated part of the world. It is an honest endeavour to unveil the shrouded territory to the modern world and a sincere tribute to this land of rising sun, to the mysteries it has treasured since time immemorial. Everything about Arunachal Pradesh is amazing, the naïve natives, the colourful cultures, the vibrant traditions, the mesmerizing dances, the complex customs, the crystal clear rivers, the blue rich mountains, the wonderful wildlife, the abundant natural resources, the rare floras, the endangered faunas, the small villages, the bamboo thatched houses, the straightforward life styles, the simple food habits etc.

Each steps forward increases the curiosity and compel to wonder, how life can be so simple and gratifying, how the tribal co-exist in harmony with nature. Sometime it is better when words are left unspoken and let the pictures tell the tales of this amazing place called Arunachal Pradesh. It is a petite attempt to exhibit the beauty and reveal the enigma of Arunachal Pradesh to the contemporary world through camera lenses.


The word wizard is a naïve tribal youth from the arduous hills of Patkai. Travelling and exploring is his passion. He can survive in any alien terrain because isolation and crowds of strangers boost his confidence level. The straight forward attitude and optimistic approaches are his idea of success. Someday he dreams to moderately influence the thoughts of new generation regarding the preservation of tribal ethnicity and eco-conservation.

He is a voracious reader, fanatic scribe and crazy traveler. He is soccer aficionado and hardly has the patience to watch a day long cricket match. Laughs a lot, rarely gets serious and possess voracious appetite for all kind of food.

He regularly writes column in a major state daily Newspaper. Creative Photography is a favorite pastime. Presently, heads an NGO called Namchik Valley Society for Eco-Tourism & Wildlife Conservation that has been promoting Eco-Tourism and Wildlife Conservation across the state.


Who is a Junior engineer by profession and also a nature photographer, a social activist, a lepidopterist, an environment aficionado. His camera confines the true essence of the tribal peoples and recites the tale of the incredible Arunachal Pradesh. He has been practical enough to accentuate concealed potentialities of Eco-Tourism to the world through his marvelous photographs of the naïve natives, the amazing tribes, the beautiful places, the complex cultures, the wonderful folk dances, the colorful traditional dresses, the magnificent crafts, the rare flora and faunas etc. Glorification of the serene province through his lenses in the world arena has buoyed the spirits of the tourist from nation and abroad to visit Arunachal Pradesh. His marvelous photographs of many uncommon species of Butterflies, not only brought Arunachal but entire North East, in the notice of lepidopterists.I am always trying to contribute in my own little ways to unveil the shroud from this unexplored and mysterious land, by providing the world the glimpses of amazing Arunachal Pradesh through my lenses of honest confederate"

Kamlesh Mehta has been an advertising professional for over a decade now. With an eye for fine design, and the dexterity to match, Kamlesh goes about creating works of art in his own quiet, unassuming way. Ascribe some of that elegance to his flair for good photography. A nature enthusiast, this die-hard Sachin Tendulkar fan often takes to the mountains and the countryside in his quest to capture that next best shot. The man has always been one of few words, but one look at his work, and most would agree there is nothing remotely modest about it.
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