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/ Districts
The breathtaking soil of divine dawn, Arunachal Pradesh consists of 16 incredible districts sanctified with copious exquisiteness and natural magnificence.
Dissimilar vivacious tribes with as many disparate colorful sub-tribes, interacting in their own different dialects are influenced by Indigenous Faith, Dony-Poloism, Vaishnavism, Rang-Frahism, Hereditary, Shamanism, Animism, Buddhism and Christianity, treasures complicated cultures, terrific traditions, graceful dances and fabulous festivals. The simplicity and humbleness of the tribes add grace to the elegance
of the magical valley’s of the many districts.


With sobriquets like: The Hidden Paradise or Land of Snowy Mountains; this magical land evokes images of awesome mountain views, remote hamlets.... READ MORE

The freezing terrain majestically resides at the elevating height of 2’840 m above sea level. The single and narrow thoroughfare of this beautiful valley is fortified by the high mountains... READ MORE

This undiscovered, unfamiliar beautiful mountainous tract is waiting to be explored and admired. The perfect atmosphere of the region allures the perplexed soul... READ MORE

The gorgeous geography flummoxes the mind's eye, glorify the congenial revelation. The pea green mountains possess the enigma of long-gone epoch, the flexuous... READ MORE

The splendid terrain, unveils the shroud from the clandestine world of the terrific and innocuous tribe residing in this incredible valley. Prior to this, the complex... READ MORE

Pristine precinct, dramatic mountains and serpentine roads titivate this luminous plateau dwelled by the Apatani tribe famous for their facial tattoos ... READ MORE

one of the youngest districts, inaugurated on 16th April 2001. The district is named after two major rivers of the locality- the Kurung River and the Kumey River... READ MORE

It is a splendid land that enchants the explorers. Being here is like being in God’s own paradise.  Time halts, anxiety evaporates, serene sceneries, alluring landscapes, mind reposes, smile re-emerge... READ MORE

The beguiling moves of the Ponung dancers, the haunting love songs of the time gone by, the melodies of yaksa (Adi sword) simply spells magic. It is the land of mighty Siang and indigenous hanging... READ MORE

The fragrances of the wild orchids in blossoming season, the curative plants, the medicinal herbs,  the howling of the monkeys in the morning hours, the ballet of the butterflies... READ MORE

The vagabond clouds flirts with the blue rich mountain, cuddles the supercilious peak, the opaque fogs adumbrate the winding tracks; the frigid zephyr strokes the bare face, rejuvenate the frazzled... READ MORE

A concealed terrain at an altitude 390 m Longitude 95°15’E - 97°30’E Latitude 37°33’N - 29°30’N is surrounded by peace and prosperity. The different tribes full of life... READ MORE

The Kalika Purna mention it as a holy land for the Hindu pilgrims as Parashuram washed away the sin of beheading his mother in this divine valley which is also known as the throne of Goddess Kesaikhati... READ MORE

An odyssey of discovery coerces the thrilling journey to progress and as the elating trip deepens into this youngest district, many extraordinary events begin to unfurl that composes unforgettable memories... READ MORE

The panoramic Patkai peak, the amazing natives, the marvelous culture, the fabulous traditions, the delicious delicacy, the dragon carefree flights, the turbulent Namchik River, and... READ MORE

tiam massa nulla digni ssimeu eleif endin, malesu adanec enim vivamus non odio. Sed sceler isque sus cipit diam. Integer eleme ntum erat... READ MORE
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