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The Mol festival of the Tangsas is also celebrates in the month of April.
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/ festivals / calendar
6th January Si-Donyi
11th January Sarok
19th January Bori-Yullo
21th January Torgya
1st February Reh
2nd February Donging & Alli Aye Legang
6th February Bori-Boot
14th February Shapwang Yaung Manawpoi
15th February Tam Ladu/Longte Yullo
16th February Oriah
29th February Nyokum
7th March Unying Apah
14th March Janglam Pumklam
5th April Mopin
11th April Pongtu
14th April Sangken
15th April Gumkum Gumpa
20th April Apeetey
25th April Moh/Mol
15th May Etor/Khu
26th May Saka Dawa
15th June Aayu-Angugah
5th July Dree
24th July Chookar Dulchen
20th August Dumpa Sangelhi
1st September Solung
29th September Ka-Meh-Ha
15th October Chingdong
28th October Lhabaab Duchihen
25th November Chalo-Loku
5th December Podi-Barbi
29th December Gyanden Nyamchoe
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