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Arunachal Pradesh was declared as 24th State of the Union
of India on 20th February 1987





Arunachal Pradesh, the land of rising sun is situated in the extreme North- Eastern tip of the Union of India in Trans-Himalayan region between the latitude 26° 28” N and 29° 33” N and longitude 91° 31” E 97° 30” E. It envelops approximately 83,743 sq. km in area and massive fraction of the terra firma is mountainous with Himalayan ranges along the north border traverse with prominent mountain ranges, stretching North-South. Extraordinary altitudinal variation can be observed that varies from place to place.

The length of the international boundaries is 1928 Km viz. 157 Km with Indo-Bhutan, 1030 Km with the Mc Mohan Line and 441 Km with Indo-Myanmar. The length of the inner line or the domestic political boundary is 677.1 Km (approx) viz 618.5 Km with Assam and 58.6 Km with Nagaland respectively.

Formerly, Arunachal Pradesh was known as NEFA. Since 1954 NEFA was under the administrative control of the state of Assam. But under the North East Reorganization Act, 1971, the administrative control over NEFA by Assam was carved out and the name NEFA was renamed as Arunachal Pradesh as suggested by B. Das Shastri and formally announced by Late Indira Gandhi the than Prime Minister of India, on 20 January 1972 at Ziro, while inaugurating Arunachal Pradesh as the Union Territory of India.

Arunachal Pradesh was declared as 24th State of the Union of India on 20th February 1987 by Late Rajiv Gandhi the than Prime Minister of India at Itanagar.Formerly Shillong was the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. 1st June 1974 the capital was shifted to Itanagar. The term Itanagar was derived from a Fort which is historical of an irregular shape built mainly with bricks by Ahoms during 1360 to 1550 AD.

The panoramic view of eternal splendour is enough to enrapture the straying soul; the vista of evergreen tropical rain forest is just another breathtaking spectacle not to miss. The naïve tribal peoples, the warm hospitality, the tender smiles, the amicable characteristics, the fabulous traditional folk dances, the extraordinary custom and complex cultures of the hill peoples, the complicating indigenous rituals, the colourful birds, the exquisite butterflies, the rare and untamed animals, the wild orchids, the life saving medicinal plants, the mysterious bugs and many more eccentric flora and faunas adds new dimension to the whole experience, words cannot articulate the incredible things about this land of divine dawn.

The Nature has conferred Arunachal Pradesh with multifarious woodland and magnificent wildlife. About 60% lands are engulfed with affluent forest known for their rich biodiversity with over 5000 plants species, 545 orchids’ varieties, 500 species of medicinal plants, about 85 terrestrial animals, over 500 butterflies and enormous birds, insects, and reptiles. Together they earned Arunachal as the top 10th place in bio-diversity hotspots in the world. So want to visit Arunchal Pradesh ? Find out Cheap flights to India and come over to visit this eternally beautiful place called Arunachal Pradesh

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