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An enchanting voyage to the distant land. An adventurous journey to the hidden terrain. The mystic soil of Arunachal, An unforgettable occasion is unfolding, offering the pleasure to blend the New Year with ethnic amusements. An enriching experiences of local Cultures and Cuisines. The Pangsau Pass International Festival 2018 is the gateway to the shrouded paradise of Arunachal Pradesh

Life sometimes offers opportunities that are tempting and rare. This is one of it. Come and be a part of the history in making. The Pangsau Pass International Festival 2018 has so much to proffer. The extravagant event will unveil the shroud from the concealed world of the Arunachal and neighboring Myanmar. The warm smiles of the tribes will let you forget the freezing temperature of January. You will appreciate and admire their simplicity and hospitality. The myriad tribes will hypnotize you with the foot tapping beats of drums and the haunting melodies.

The grand event will fascinate the visitors and the locals alike. The blazon of tribal spirit will be on full swing. The multi-cultured traditions will be flaunted.

Driving through the long, and winding historical Stilwell road that leads to Myanmar is definite to incarcerate the thoughts and imagination, The spectacular views of emerald mountains, the whispers of cool breezes, the songs of cuckoo in the woods, the musical sounds of the crystal clear rivulets, the throng of elegant butterflies romancing in the blooming mustard fields. Time impede, life smiles and heart begins to weave memories.

Come and weave memories. Have the fun of your lifetime.

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