Arunachal pRADESH

Arunachal Pradesh, unspoilt, green & safe - offers a broad spectrum of interest from snow-capped mountains, free flowing streams and rivers to tribal people with their customs & colorful festivals.


A wonderful serenity will take possession of your entire soul, like sweetly freshen mornings rays peaking from mist covered hills. When, while the lovely valleys spread the music of gurgling rivers around, and then the sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of trees, the best Nature can offer in this hidden land of wonderful tribes.

The panoramic view of eternal splendour is enough to enrapture the straying soul; the vista of evergreen tropical rain forest is just another breath taking spectacle not to miss. The naïve tribal peoples, the warm hospitality, the tender smiles, the amicable characteristics, the fabulous traditional folk dances, the extraordinary custom and complex cultures of the hill peoples, the complicating indigenous rituals, the colourful birds, the exquisite butterflies, the rare and untamed animals, the wild orchids, the lifesaving medicinal plants, the mysterious bugs and many more eccentric flora and faunas adds new dimension to the whole experience, words cannot articulate the incredible things about this land of divine dawn.

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