Explore the Colourful World

A Wonderful LAND

Arunachal Pradesh : God's Masterpiece on Nature's Own Canvass



Land of Golden Pagoda


Tawang is a place which will flatter you with its natural beauty wrapped in the scent of spirituality.

Ziro Valley

Situated at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level, Ziro has hills that are beautifully covered with bamboo and pine trees, surrounded with paddy fields.

Anini - Dibang Valley

Lake Country with mesmerizing hills.


In Mechukha you will encounter breath-taking vistas, unspoiled countryside, and endless amount of waterfalls, impressive landscapes and dramatic weather.

Namdapha Tiger Reserve

Home of all four Cat species is also a rich warehouse of flora and fauna of rare species.

Explore The HIDDEN

The spectacular landscapes dominated by the smiling tribes and decorated with multifarious culture, mesmerizing crafts and mouth-watering cuisines, this hidden Shangri-la of India is on the process of gradual discovery.


Arunachal Pradesh being the home for 26 diverse tribes speaking different local dialects and each tribe celebrating its own festivals throughout the year makes this state more colorful and exciting. The most amazing thing is that each tribe have a different culture and tradition. No festival is alike the other’s tribe festivals. Most of the festivals are related to pre-harvest or post- harvest celebration. It is celebrated for bumper harvest and happiness within the community. The myriad of colourful tribes enhances the mystery and beautify the custom and cultures.