Solung Festival


Siang districts provide a wide-ranging gamut of interests. Sociologists will see new socio-cultural patterns of the tribal people; historians, anthropologists and archaeologists will discover new amphitheatre for their exploration; naturalists will come across new genres and species while holiday-makers and sportsmen can lodge themselves captivating landscapes and in adventurous sports. Pasighat the tourists’ Hot Spot is endowed generously with natural beauty. Elevated ragged mountain ridges, glassy rustic valleys, gushing water streams and a rich variety of flora and fauna comprise its unique features, blended with many colorful festivals and Solung is one of them.

Adis are the most methodical and innovative community of the state though they don’t have any written script about their conventions and principles but ancestors made such a technically and scientifically robust rules and guidelines many years ago which are being transferred to them through their elders, generation by generations making them to be a strong and self-reliance society.

The ‘Solung’ is the main socio-religious festival of ‘Adis’ community. Generally, ‘Solung’ is celebrated in the mid-part of the year in the months of August/September corresponding to the Adi months of ‘Tauno’ and ‘Yio’ respectively. Traditionaaly it’s a 7 days festival but now-a-days in some places, the festival is celebrated with a three day program. Solung is celebrated to reap a rich harvest after sowing of seeds and transplantation of paddy plants, to raise more mithuns and pigs and also to be free from natural calamities, fire, accidents, diseases etc. One can witness the colorful celebrations at Pasighat on September 1st every year.

Where to see Solung

Solung is celebrated in entire Siang belt of Arunachal Pradesh. But best of the festivity can be witnessed at Pasighat, Yinkiong and Boleng areas.

How to Reach Pasighat

Pasighat is the district head quarter of East District and it connected by Dibrugarh railway station and Dibrugarh Airport throughout the year. It is also connected with Itanagar and Itanagar airport with a double lane highway

Where to stay in Pasighat

Pasighat is the oldest city of Arunachal Pradesh and been a cultural and educational hub since British period. Pasighat have many Hotels, resorts and home stays. Donyi Hango Resort one of the most talked about staying experience here. 

Best Season to Visit

Solung is celebrated on 1st September every year with great pomp and enthusiasm in all Siang Districts. Pasighat is also known for white water rafting and winter is the best season for adventure tourists. 


Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, India