Sangken Festival


Sangken is a Buddhists’ festival. The Tai Khamptis of Namsai district of Arunachal Pradesh celebrates the Sangken festival to mark their new year. The festival is also celebrated by Singpho, Tai Khamyang and Buddhist Tangsa of Arunachal Pradesh. Tai Khampti people traditionally follow the lunar calendar. As such, all their socio-religious ceremonies and socio-cultural festivals are tied up with the cycle of lunar months.

April (Noun Ha) is the first month of the year. Sangken festival is celebrated on the last days of the (old) year lasting 2 to 3 days, and the lunar New Year begins on the following day just after the end of Sangken festival.

During the festival, Statues of Lord Buddha are brought out of the Chong (temple) and placed in a chapel in the premises, then ceremoniously washed with clean water on all days. Buddhist scriptures (Lik), Peepal tree (toun Puthi) and monks are given a symbolic wash with clean water.

In contemporary times, Sangken has evolved into a widely embraced water festival. Individuals spanning various age brackets can be observed dousing trees and plants encircling the temple with water. The festivities took on an extra layer of enjoyment as participants began playfully splashing water on one another.

Throughout the festival, Golden Pagoda comes alive with a sequence of culturally rich and entertaining programs and activities. The Tai youth orchestrate meticulously planned, theme-based events, adding vibrancy to the celebrations.

What to see in Namsai

Namsai has many things to offer for a visitor. Golden Pagoda at Tengapani, World peace pagoda at River Island in chongkham, Lathao international Bana Meditation centre, Empong Monastery and Phanneng monastery are the places of much interest. Parshuram Kunda is a religious place visited by people from all over the country during the Makar Shankranti day for a holy dip. Famous Glow lake which is located at the height of 5000 feet in Lohit district is also accessible from the Wakro – a nearby circle of Namsai.

Where to stay in Namsai

Namsai have many hotels from budget category to star category along with many resorts and home stays. Namsai is best rated in north east when it comes to hospitality.

Best Season to Visit


Namsai is the most visited city in the eastern Arunachal Pradesh because of its good connectivity with quality highways through out the year. Being established a major educational hub, the gateway for Anjaw and Lohit this offer many great option for stay and food.


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