The saga of grit & determination

The scenery unfolds as cumulus clouds gracefully dance with the rich blue mountains, gently kissing the peaks while a soft fog blurs the distant visions. Chilled winds caress exposed skin, offering a refreshing embrace for stressed minds. Ultimately, the heart is bedazzled, paying homage to the splendor of this magnificent place.

While Jairampur boasts a breathtaking environment, it also holds historical significance. The renowned Stilwell Road, passing through Jairampur and Nampong, was completed in October 1944, though World War II had already concluded. Despite this, the road remains a testament to the sacrifices made by the Allied forces during its construction. Initiated in April 1942, the road spanned 1079 miles, connecting vital locations between Ledo in Assam and Kunming in China. Today, the small hamlets of Jairampur and Nampong stand as symbols of gratitude for those who sacrificed for a better tomorrow.

Adding to its cultural richness, Jairampur is home to the Tangsa tribe, celebrating the unique Moh-Mol festival on April 25th each year. This festival adds another layer of vibrancy to the town, showcasing the cultural diversity and traditions that thrive in this captivating corner of Arunachal Pradesh.

About Place

Jairampur, serving as the ADC HQ of Changlang district in the southeastern region of Arunachal Pradesh, is a quaint hilly town nestled along the Indo-Myanmar border and the Namchik basin. Enveloped by lush evergreen tropical rainforests, this charming locale boasts a physical character that is nothing short of remarkable and enchanting.

What to see in Jairampur

A visit to this charming hamlet unveils significant landmarks, including the WWII War Cemetery, Pangsau Pass, the Border City of Nampong, and, with proper administrative permissions, the intriguing Lake of No Return. For those seeking a rendezvous with nature, a detour to the nearby Namdapha Tiger Reserve in Miao can seamlessly fit into the itinerary, adding a touch of wildlife exploration to the journey.

How to Reach Jairampur

Jairampur is the best ever connected place of Arunachal with extremely well maintained highways number – 215 and 315 from Tinsukia & Dibrugarh rail head and Dibrugarh Airport. Taxis are available round the clock to reach any nearby city of Assam.

Where to stay in Jairampur

There is a tourist lodge named JTL and some other resorts and some home stays in Nampong and Manmao.

Best Season to Visit

Throughout the year.


Jairampur, Arunachal Pradesh, India