Nyokum Festival


The contemporary influences, the modern mind sets and the busy schedules of modern life coerces to ignore or forget about the cultural heritages but the magic of Nyokum is so powerful that it binds the Nyishi fraternity together to revel the moments of pride and pleasures as well highlight the ancient heritages they are so proud of. The throngs of beautiful damsels in glistening Kochik(women traditional wear), the ferocious faces with soften hearts wearing colourful Pari/Pomo aaje (men’s traditional wear), customary Bopia (traditonal head gear) and traditional swords dangling on the waist will hypnotize the awestruck visitors.

Nyokum being a pre-harvest festival is celebrated for harvest prosperity, communal harmony, community integrations and global peace as well it also marks the advent of the Nyishi New Year. The three delectation days of the ethnic carnival offers a glance of the Nyishi Communities, divulging their ancient cultures, rituals, dances, etc. The chanting of Mantras, the mesmerizing ‘Buya’ and ‘Rikham Pada’ dances, the amusing ‘Dir-Son-BO’, the hammering by Pipa-Nekho, the preparation of Yugii (altar), the ceremonial procession Khome or Tori and the traditional animal sacrifices are the moments that will remain forever in the memories of the bedazzled onlookers. The exchange of Chimpu (packed lunch) and the trances of Opo (rice beer) served in Didu are simply superlative, likewise the Nyishi tribe is simply incredible and famous for their simplicity and gracious hospitalities.

Where to see Nyokum

Nyokum stands as the paramount festival among the tribal celebrations in Arunachal Pradesh. It is joyously observed throughout the state, particularly in regions inhabited by the Nyishi tribe. This festive occasion is characterized by exuberant merriment and revelry. Sepa in East Kameng, Yazali and Itanagar serve as the primary hubs for experiencing the true essence of the celebration.  

How to Reach Itanagar

Itanagar is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh and a commercial hub. Itahagar is now connected with an Airport and a Railway station.

Where to stay in Itanagar

Itanagar boasts an ample supply of hotels and resorts, serving as a gateway for those exploring the other parts of the State. Embarking on a stay in a nearby Nyishi village offers a unique and unforgettable experience. For the finest suggestions on such experiences, consult with your tour operator.

Best Season to Visit

Itanagar is a bustling commercial town with attractions accessible throughout the year. For culture enthusiasts eager to witness the exuberance of Nyokum, February is the ideal time. On the other hand, for landscape enthusiasts, early winter provides the most favorable conditions.


Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India