Shapawng-Yawng Festival


The Singpho people are an ethnic group who are the largest subset of the Kachin peoples, which largely inhabit the Kachin Hills in northern Myanmar's Kachin State and neighbouring Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of China and Northeastern India's Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. While they mostly live in Myanmar, the Kachin are called the Jinghpaw in China and Singpho in India

The Kachin people are an ethnic affinity of several tribal groups, known for their fierce independence, disciplined fighting skills, complex clan inter-relations, craftsmanship, herbal healing and jungle survival skills.

Shapawng Yawng is the forefather of the Singphos. The word Poi means Festival Manau means Dance, thus Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi stands for Dance Festival in honour of Shapawng Yawng.

Traditionally, Manau dance originated from the birds while they were feasting. The dance was initiated by the human beings under the leadership of Ma Den Yau. In this festival, ethnic dance was performed to the rhythm of the drum beats traditionally known as ‘Gongs’ and ‘Thongs’. The annual congregation strengthens and upholds their unique culture with the participation of the Jingphos residing in different parts of the world.

Singpho people dance in a warrior like attire in a circle around the sacred pillars of Shadung. Shadung pillars represent male and feminine genders. Below these pillars there is a tying beam having one end in the shape of the head of a Hornbill and the other end is a tail. Colors and patterns on this Shadung represent the creator of the world. They also use many other symbols of birds and water animal imprinted on Shadung stresses the human relation with Nature.

Where to see Shapawng Yawng

This festival is celebrated from 13-16th February centrally either in the Changlang or Namsai annually on rotation basis. One can check the updates about the place early in January every year. The main location is Bordumsa in Changlang district.

How to Reach Bordumsa

Bordumsa can be reached from Namsai & Jairampur and from Margherita & Tinsukia in Assam. The nearest airport is Dibrugarh and nearest rail station is in Tinsukia.

Where to stay in Bordumsa

Traveler can stay either in Namsai or in Miao which are very nearby locations. Bordumsa also have few resorts and Government IB etc.

Best Season to Visit

Bordumsa can be visited any time in the year but it is more colorful during festival time in February.


Roing, Arunachal Pradesh, India