Dree Festival


The Dree Festival is an agricultural festival and known to be a biggest tribal carnival in the state. This festival includes a number of grand rituals and traditions. Dree Festival signifies happiness, wealth and prosperity. On this auspicious occasion, traditionally rice beer and wine are prepared in every household. Every individual visit their relatives’ place and women of the family usually gift a vessel of beer to their elderly, brothers, sisters, son-in-law, etc. as a token of love. But in present days celebrations are held in a common place in a big field to celebrate it collectively. This grand occasion provides a splendid opportunity for individuals to come together, fostering connections through warm greetings and joyous celebrations. It serves as a vibrant platform for merry-making, where locals and visitors alike are welcomed with open arms to partake in the festivities. This inclusive atmosphere extends a hearty invitation to tourists, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of the event. For photography enthusiasts and shutterbugs, this celebration is a treasure trove, offering the chance to capture the essence of live ethnicity and the genuine happiness reflected on the faces of the participants. It's an event that not only celebrates traditions but also creates lasting memories for all who engage in its spirited revelry.

Where to see Dree

Dree takes its place as the foremost festival in the tapestry of tribal celebrations in Arunachal Pradesh. Celebrated with great joy, this festival resonates in Ziro and in some areas inhabited by the Apatani tribe. The festive atmosphere is marked by exuberant merriment and spirited revelry. Ziro valley along with Itanagar, emerges as the central nexus for those seeking to immerse themselves in the authentic essence of this vibrant celebration. 

How to Reach Ziro

Ziro is very well connected with Itanagar which is the is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh and a commercial hub. Itahagar is connected with an Airport and a Railway station.

Where to stay in Ziro
Ziro Valley presents a diverse range of hotels, resorts, and charming homestays, establishing itself as an ideal destination for travelers. Choosing a homestay for accommodation offers a distinctive and memorable experience. For expert guidance on these unique stays, it's advisable to consult with your tour operator for the finest recommendations.

Best Season to Visit

Ziro is a cultural landscape town with attractions accessible throughout the year. For culture enthusiasts eager to witness the exuberance of Dree, 5th July is the ideal time. On the other hand, for landscape enthusiasts, early winter provides the most favorable conditions.


Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, India