Mopin Festival


Galos are the most methodical and innovative community of the state . Mopin is the main festival of the Galo community of Arunachal, which is also the most colorful in Arunachal Pradesh. This festival is celebrated to remove natural calamities, diseases and effects of evil spirits and to bring about a good harvest, health and prosperity. During the Mopin festival, the goddess of welfare, peace, wealth, prosperity and wisdom is propitiated. The festival generally starts from the first week of April, before the paddy plantation, and lasts for five days. Applying of rice powder (iti) to one another’s face is the special feature of the Mopin festival. During the five days, the boys and girls, men and women dance from house to house apart from the big celebrations in a common field.

At the outbreak of the day young women and men decorated in their beautiful traditional attires & heavy bead/metal ornaments start gathering in a common field. Irrespective of age everyone becomes a part of merry making while taking a chance to grab each other to smear the Rice Paste on each other’s faces. Visitors and non-tribal guests are warmly welcomed and made the part of celebration.

Where to see Mopin

Mopin is the king of all Arunachal tribal festivals. This is celebrated across the state wherever Galo tribe people are residing. This a festival of fun and merry making. Aalo in West Siang and Itanagar are the main centers to enjoy the real festivity.   

How to Reach Aalo

Aalo is the district head quarter of West Siang District and it is connected by road with Pasighat and Itanagar.  Aalo can also be reached from Ziro.   The nearest airports are Dibrugarh and Itanagar.

Where to stay in Aalo

Aalo have sufficient numbers of Hotels and resorts. Aalo is the gateway for people visiting the high altitude cities of  Menchukha and Tuting.  Staying in a Galo village can be a lifetime experience. Your tour operator can give you the best ideas about this. 

Best Season to Visit

Aalo is a commercial town and many things in town and around can be visited in all the season. If you are in culture and willing to see the joy of Mopin then definitely April is the best time else for landscaping tourists early winter is the best time. 


Alo, Arunachal Pradesh, India