City of Golden Pagoda

Namsai district is the land of enchanting Pagodas and serenity. The district is inhabited by the peace loving people belonging to the major tribes of Khampti and Singphos. Each tribe / community has their own culture and traditions which is distinct, rich and unparalleled. Namsai District comes to its existence on 15th July ’2014 with the third bifurcation of Lohit District. Lohit district was a part of Lohit Frontier Division (LFD) from 1954-1965 with headquarter at Tezu. Lohit Frontier Division was a part of sadiya Frontier Tract (Mishmi Hills District) with its headquater at Sadiya prior to 13th August 1952. Sadiya was the seat of administration not only during British India rule but also during ruler of Ahoms.

About Place

The Khamptis are expert craftsmen and has a preference for conventional attires, enriched by brilliant craft works. The beautifully crafted sword, known as Pha-nap, is very popular in the district and the state. The Khampti crafts in bamboo, wood, bone and ivory are also spectacular. They are experts in making traditional weapons.

The Khampti women are expert in weaving and they make multi-coloured lungis called the Pha-Noi which is part of the costumes of the Khampti men. They also weave deep coloured skirts called Sui made from cotton or silk, and coloured silk scarfs.

Sangkenis a major festival of Khampti people.

What to see in Namsai

Namsai has many things to offer for a visitor. Golden Pagoda at Tengapani, World peace pagoda at River Island in chongkham, Lathao international Bana Meditation centre, Empong Monastery and Phanneng monastery are the places of much interest. Parshuram Kunda is a religious place visited by people from all over the country during the Makar Shankranti day for a holy dip. Famous Glow lake which is located at the height of 5000 feet in Lohit district is also accessible from the Wakro – a nearby circle of Namsai.

Where to stay in Namsai

Namsai have many hotels from budget category to star category along with many resorts and home stays. Namsai is best rated in north east when it comes to hospitality.

Best Season to Visit


Namsai is the most visited city in the eastern Arunachal Pradesh because of its good connectivity with quality highways through out the year. Being established a major educational hub, the gateway for Anjaw and Lohit this offer many great option for stay and food.


Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh, India

How to Reach Namsai

Namsai is connected by Dibrugarh Airport in Assam and Tezu Airport in Arunachal. Tinsukia is the nearest Rail head.